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David hosts the Monday Drive Time Show, weekly between 3 and 6pm.

David’s wide personal music tastes result in a show where just about anything goes – regardless of genre. Expect a blend of songs that you know, songs you might not have heard for years, and others you may have never heard before! Whether the tracks are rock, pop, electronic, country, folk, k-pop or anything else, expect a wide variety of music from past to present.

As David is often on the lookout for new music by lesser known or obscure artists, you might find something you like that you’d never heard before… Until now!

David would love to hear of any song suggestions, requests, ideas or anything else, so please do contact him on the show (the best way being on the Facebook post about the show which appears before the show airs, or by messaging via the ‘Live chat’ box on the website when the show is on air.

Any artists who would like to send material to Spire Radio are most welcome, and are encouraged to e-mail


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  1. Hello, my girls Jude and Mary Gillies came on the show from 2-3pm today. They were keen for us as a family to listen but I am not sure where to find the recording. Thanks in advance. Julie Gillies

    1. Hiya Julie. We don’t share all programmes after the show goes out live. If you ask them to get in touch with the lead presenter, that was with them on that day, they may be able to help. Thanks.

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