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My name is MAISIE!!! And I fully intended that to be typed and read in BLOCK CAPITALS. Being loud, outspoken, confident, witty and charming is what I am all about, well… MOST OF THE TIME. Do not mistake my overt manner for rudeness, however, do not be thrown off because I am a little insane, very much like a lot of twenty-one year olds of the twenty first century. I mean, come on – we grew up on The Teletubbies and a big, gaudy, pink creature infamously known as Mr. Blobby, so… What do you expect?

WHAT do you expect? Or, “What Do You Expect From The Vaccines?” rather, is a brilliant album from an incredibly talented band whose tracks I play a hell of a lot of on my show, amongst other artists I’ve also seen at gigs, music festivals etc. Listening to how my mornings play out, could be much compared to a gym workout. Either an easy-going, light start to gently wake you or a warm-up for your ears. My style after that, generally stays very upbeat. I have a lust for life and live for music!

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