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Facebook and YouTube agree to strengthen anti-piracy measures
Twitter were also part of the discussions
Facebook and YouTube have agreed to several anti-piracy measures in a move described by the creative industry as the “staging post, rather than the conclusion”.

The pair have been engaged in Government-backed roundtable talks with bodies including the Publishers Association, the English Premier League and UK record labels association, the BPI, over the matter for the past two years.

Among the bolstered action, both firms have introduced new policies aimed at preventing users from sharing piracy tutorial videos.

Facebook has started procedures to prevent links to rogue piracy sites appearing on the platform, as well as developing ways to proactively identify and remove more intellectual property infringements based on signals and feedback provided by creative rights owners.

Meanwhile, Google-owned YouTube has made it possible for rightsholders to remove infringing links at scale more quickly.

Geoff Taylor, chief executive of BPI and Brrit Awards, and also lead of the IP group of the Creative Industries Council, said: “There remains much work to do to reduce online infringement, which continues to hinder the growth of the UK’s world-beating creative industries, but I would like to thank Facebook and YouTube for their positive engagement and their efforts to address many of the issues brought forward in the roundtable.

“Today’s announcement represents a staging post, rather than the conclusion of that process.”

Twitter was also part of the discussions but had made “no significant progress”, according to Mr Taylor, saying that it “underlines the urgent need for Government to ensure that all online platforms take a responsible approach to dealing with content”.

Published: 05/05/2021 by Radio NewsHub

Harry Redknapp to make EastEnders cameo
Harry Redknapp is to swap the football pitch for Albert Square when he makes a special appearance in EastEnders
The episode featuring the cameo by the former Tottenham and West Ham boss will coincide with the European Championships, bosses of the BBC One soap said.

Redknapp said: “It’s no secret that I’ve wanted to be in EastEnders so I’m over the moon to be making a special cameo this summer. With a nod to the Euros, it’s a lovely fit and, as a proper east Londoner, it’s been so much fun.”

The 74-year-old former Premier League football manager also referred to Sandra, his wife of more than five decades, saying she is a “huge fan, she watches it every day so it’s a real special moment for the whole family!”

EastEnders said Redknapp’s “legendary status among West Ham supporters guarantees Harry will be welcomed to Walford with open arms as the residents of the Square celebrate the tournament”.

The soap’s executive producer, Jon Sen, said: “What better way to mark a special summer for football fans by having none other than West Ham legend Harry Redknapp pay a visit to Walford?

“He’s synonymous with London’s East End and we were delighted to hear he’s a fan of the show too. We can’t wait for audiences to see what brings Harry to Albert Square.”

Redknapp, whose cameo will air in the summer, won the 2018 series of ITV’s I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!

Published: 04/05/2021 by Radio NewsHub

Odeon confirms plans to reopen on May 17
Odeon has confirmed it will reopen the vast majority of its screens in the UK on May 17 – the first day on the Government’s road map when indoor venues can reopen in England.
The cinema chain said movie-goers will be able to visit some of its biggest sites including London’s Leicester Square and the Luxe Birmingham Broadway Plaza.

Screenings will include the new James Bond film No Time To Die, which has been delayed on numerous occasions due to the lockdown; Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway and the latest instalment of the long-running Fast & Furious franchise.

But bosses will introduce strict social distancing measures and screens will be unable to be at full capacity.

Screenings will be limited, including empty seats between groups of guests and staggered start times to reduce queues in foyers.

Customers will also be encouraged to book tickets online and order pre-packaged food and drink, while cash payments will no longer be allowed.

Hand sanitiser and gels will be available throughout the cinemas and each screen will undergo more rigorous cleaning between shows, the company added.

Cinema-goers will also have to wear a face covering although they will be allowed to remove them to eat or drink snacks, and masks will not be needed when sat in Odeon’s Costa outlets.

The chain pointed out that recent research from MetrixLab suggests strong pent-up demand for cinema in the UK, with a recent survey showing 59% of people say cinema is one of the activities they miss the most – the highest level during the entire pandemic.

Published: 04/05/2021 by Radio NewsHub

Thousands of Derbyshire residents will go to the polls this Thursday to cast their votes in the county council elections. Derbyshire County Council elections are held every four years and on 6 May covid-secure polling stations across the county will open their doors from 7am to 10pm. A total of 254 candidates are standing across […]

Jose Mourinho has a new job
Jose Mourinho will take over as Roma’s head coach for the 2021-22 season.
The Portuguese has moved quickly, getting the job just 15 days after being sacked by Tottenham.

The Serie A club tweeted: “The club are delighted to announce an agreement has been reached with Jose Mourinho for him to become our new head coach ahead of the 2021-22 season.”

Roma announced earlier on Tuesday that current boss Paulo Fonseca will leave his position at the end of the season.

Club president Dan Friedkin and vice-president Ryan Friedkin said on the club’s official website: “We are thrilled and delighted to welcome Jose Mourinho into the AS Roma family.

“A great champion who has won trophies at every level, Jose will provide tremendous leadership and experience to our ambitious project.

“The appointment of Jose is a huge step in building a long-term and consistent winning culture throughout the club.”

Published: 04/05/2021 by Radio NewsHub

The green list for foreign holiday destinations is not expected to be published until later this week, but Government travel advice gives an indication of what destinations could be on it..

Foreign ministers from the UK, US and other leading nations have met for the first time in more than two years amid tight coronavirus restrictions..

Firefighters tackle blaze following explosion at house
Police are trying to establish if anyone is missing following an explosion at a house in Kent.
Several people were believed to have been trapped and had to be freed by emergency services.

Ambulance staff are assessing patients at the scene in Willesborough, Ashford.

Firefighters have been tackling a blaze at a house and are now working to extinguish the last remaining signs of fire.

Members of the public have been urged to avoid the area and residents have been asked to keep their windows closed.

Firefighters were called to Mill View at 7.57am on Tuesday and four fire engines are at the scene.

Two casualties have been passed into the care of the ambulance service, the fire service said.

The South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAmb) confirmed that ambulance crews including a Hazardous Area Response Team are in attendance.

A spokesman said: “We are assessing patients at the scene and will issue further details when available.”

A spokesman for Kent Police said: “A number of people were reported to have been trapped and they were freed by emergency services.

“Officers are working to establish if anyone else is unaccounted for.”

Published: 04/05/2021 by Radio NewsHub

Cautious hopes British holidaymakers could have choice of overseas destinations
British holidaymakers could visit destinations including Italy and France this summer if Covid-19 cases there can be driven down to UK levels, a senior scientific adviser has said.
Professor Neil Ferguson, from Imperial College London, whose modelling work informs Government scientists, said he had not yet booked a break abroad but the risks were focused on countries with higher infection levels than the UK.

It comes after the European Commission said it would ease restrictions on travel to the bloc amid progressing Covid-19 vaccination campaigns and lower infection rates.

The EU is proposing “to allow entry to the EU for non-essential reasons not only for all persons coming from countries with a good epidemiological situation, but also all people who have received the last recommended dose of an EU-authorised vaccine”.

The UK Government’s “green list” of countries to which people can travel without having to isolate for 14 days on their return is also expected to be released shortly.

Prof Ferguson told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I think if for instance, by the summer, infection levels in France and Italy are the same sort of level as they are here, then there’s no risk associated with travelling overseas.

“The risk comes from going from a place like the UK with very low infection levels and going to a place with much higher infection levels and therefore having the risk of bringing infection back.

“If the two places are at comparable levels, and that’s what the EU is saying, then there is no particular risks associated with travel.”

He said the risk of vaccines being less effective in the face of variants was “the major concern” that could still lead to a “very major third wave in the autumn” in the UK.

It was therefore “essential we roll out booster doses, which can protect against that, as soon as we’ve basically finished vaccinating the adult population, which should finish by the summer,” he said.

Prof Ferguson said he was “feeling fairly optimistic that we will be not completely back to normal, but something which feels a lot more normal by the summer”.

Agreeing that “everybody would like to safely reopen international travel”, he added: “The EU in their statement did have a very strong caveat that they reserve the right to clamp down again if there were variants of concern, and I think that’s everybody’s concern at the moment across the European continent, that we don’t want to see vaccination undermined by things like the South African variant spreading in an uncontrolled manner, but with that one caveat, if we can find ways of reopening international travel which mitigates that risk, then I think everybody would like to be able to have some opportunity to go overseas.”

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s view that the one-metre plus rule on social distancing could be scrapped in June, Prof Ferguson said it was a political judgment on how much infection was acceptable, given deaths had been driven down.

He said “we do expect transmission and, to some extent hospitalisations and deaths, to tick up in late summer if we completely go back to normal, but at a much lower level than we saw, for instance, back in December and January”.

“So it’s obviously a political judgment as to what is acceptable in terms of number of infections, but we don’t see any prospect of, for instance, the NHS being overwhelmed – with the one caveat around variants I’ve already mentioned – so it’s always a matter of judgment.”

He said there would need to be “much higher levels of infection in society in order to risk overwhelming the NHS and we think that’s actually unlikely to happen unless a variant comes along which resets that relationship again.”

Prof Ferguson stressed that his team still do have some concerns about late summer and early autumn but “they’re diminishing”, particularly in light of new data showing the effect of vaccines on transmission of the virus.

“And so that has pushed our estimates of the scale of any potential autumn wave down,” he said.

Meanwhile, Portugal’s secretary of state for tourism, Rita Marques, said the country is “taking the lead” at the European Council in negotiations aimed at opening up the European Union to UK holidaymakers.

She told BBC Breakfast: “We are really pushing hard to open up to third countries like the UK.”

But International Trade Secretary Liz Truss urged people to wait for an announcement from the UK’s travel taskforce, telling Sky News: “I would encourage people to wait until we make that announcement so that we can see exactly what the details are, based on the data, because what we don’t want to be doing is reimporting this virus after we’ve done such an excellent job in getting the levels down in the UK… we need to be cautious and we need to make sure that we’re not simply importing the virus after we’ve successfully dealt with it in Britain.”

Elsewhere, Professor Stephen Reicher, from the University of St Andrews and a member of the sub-committee on behavioural science which advises the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), said the public should take the Prime Minister’s announcement that social distancing could be scrapped in June with a “little bit of a pinch of salt”.

He told BBC Breakfast that “things can change very rapidly”, adding: “I think the critical issue for us now is how do we bring infections down so the data does look good, and we can relax things in two months’ time, and the real important issue is this – if we take this as a signal that things are all over, if we relax and if we mix now, the paradox is we will push up the infections and will make it less likely that we can relax on June 21.”

Prof Reicher said people will need to be careful in future, but not in a way that limits daily life.

“Even after restrictions go, it makes sense to have sensible and cautious precautions; not in a way that limit our everyday lives, not in a way that stops us seeing people or hugging people, but just realising, for instance, that on the whole, we are safer outside, don’t sit too close to people, open the windows,” he said.

“So we need to be sensible about this, we need to be cautious about this, and in that way I think we’re much more likely to get to a space where our lives are much more back to normal, much more tolerable, where we can meet and hug our loved ones, but don’t just hug anybody.”

Asked about the use of face masks in the future, Prof Reicher said “the whole point is we’re going to move away from prescriptions” but said people could still be sensible, such as opening windows and not sitting too close to other people.

Published: 04/05/2021 by Radio NewsHub

Ghislaine Maxwell’s July trial postponed
The July trial for Ghislaine Maxwell on charges that she aided ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein in the sexual abuse of teenage girls has been postponed.
US District Judge Alison Nathan said a delay of a trial scheduled for July 12 of a few months was reasonable as she directed defence lawyers and prosecutors to settle on a date by next week.

Writing in an order, she urged “the earliest possible date this fall”, adding: “No additional delay is necessary or in the interests of justice.

Maxwell, 59, sought a trial delay after prosecutors added sex trafficking charges to the case against her in late March.

The new charges in a superseding indictment added a fourth accuser and stretched the timeline of the allegations from three years to a decade.

Maxwell’s lawyers had requested at least three additional months to prepare for trial but urged a date early next year because of the difficulty of investigating the new charges during a pandemic and meeting with a client who remains jailed without bail under conditions they say are onerous.

Prosecutors opposed the request, saying the rewritten indictment did not require a lot of additional work by the defence.

Maxwell, arrested last July, has pleaded not guilty to all charges and her lawyers filed numerous arguments challenging them. So far, Ms Nathan has denied efforts to dismiss some or all charges.

Ms Nathan has denied bail three times, finding Maxwell to be a risk of flight, and the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals recently upheld her decision to reject a 28.5 million dollar (£20.5 million) bail package that would include 24-hour armed guards to ensure Maxwell made it to court.

Judges on the appeals court expressed concern that Maxwell was repeatedly awakened at night by guards who make sure she’s still breathing every 15 minutes.

They questioned why she was not given an adequate face mask to aid her sleep.

Ms Nathan has ordered the government to explain the sleep disruptions. Maxwell’s lawyers maintain their client is being unjustly treated because prison officials are embarrassed that Epstein took his own life in a federal Manhattan lockup in August 2019 as he awaited a sex trafficking trial.

Published: 04/05/2021 by Radio NewsHub

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