How to play: Beat the Street

How to play

Aim of the game

Earn as many points as possible for you and your team by walking, running or cycling between Beat Boxes across Chesterfield Wednesday 26th February 2020 – Wednesday 8th April 2020.

Set Up

Children aged under 11 play with a Beat the Street fob, which they will receive from their school. Anyone aged 12 and above plays with a Beat the Street card. Soon you’ll be able to register online. Use the Beat Box map to plan your route.

The game in Chesterfield runs from 0.01am on Wednesday 26th February 2020 until 7pm on Wednesday 8th April 2020.

Playing the game

  1. Find Beat Boxes nearest to you on the map.
  2. Tap the Beat Box with your card until it beeps and flashes.
  3. Walk, cycle, run or scoot to a different Beat Box within an hour.
  4. Tap the Beat Box with your card and fob until it beeps and flashes to score 10 points.
  5. Now carry on your journey and score more points for each extra Beat Box you tap.
How to play visual steps, all steps are described in text above
How to play – step by step

Win Beat the Street

The teams at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the game win hundreds of pounds worth of vouchers. There are leaderboards for school & community teams. Highest average and highest points prizes are available.

Registered players can also win weekly Lucky Tap prizes such as vouchers and Beat the Street goodies for taking part.

Children can also complete challenges and receive stickers and certificates.

Hints & Tips

Register soon to join a team, track your points and win prizes. Help your team by getting friends and family to join in the game – further cards are available through

Play Beat the Street on your way to school or work, or play at weekends.

If more than an hour passes since tapping a Beat Box you will need to start a new journey.

Keep track of your points and team’s position on this website.

Follow Beat the Street Chesterfield on Facebook Twitter and Instagram to find out about extra events, bonus points and even more prizes!

Every week there will be something new so look out for details on the website, social media or sign up to our e-newsletter to keep up to date!


Beat Box – card and fob reader attached to street furniture across your area.

Card – contactless cards for adults to tap against Beat Boxes to score points. The card needs to be registered online to join a team.

Fob – contactless keyring for children under 11 to tap against Beat Boxes to score points. These can be registered online to be in with a chance to win individual prizes, but there is no requirement to as these come pre-assigned to school teams.

Lucky Tap – draws will take place throughout the game where a tap on a Beat Box from a registered player will be awarded a prize.

Cheating – driving between Beat Boxes, swiping multiple cards and fobs per person (this refers to one person swiping multiple cards and fobs), or using someone else’s card or fob constitutes as cheating.

Beat the Street turns towns into giant games. Earn points, win prizes and discover more about your area by walking, running and cycling. Pick up a Beat the Street card and tap Beat Boxes across your community.

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