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What’s a Hospice? By Dan Wheeldon
“What’s a hospice Dad” I asked
And this is what he said.
“About 3 gallons, give or take,
Now get back to your bed.
“Aww come on Dad, I need to know,
It’s this week’s topic at school.
If I don’t know, when teacher asks,
I’m gonna look a fool!
“All right, come on son, take a seat,
Let’s find out what you know.
We’ll talk it through, and work it out,
And afterwards we’ll go.
“It’s selling wares at summer fairs
And chucking balls at plates
It’s going out on winter walks
And spending time with mates.
Mum paid six quid, and got that bloke
To take our Christmas tree
After what she gave him, that bloke said
He’d of taken it for free!
I remember queuing up
To visit Santa’s grotto
And you went out, like 118
With Gilders and got blotto.
And your mate Dave, with his sax
Dressed up like an elf
With his hat for coins, laid on the floor
Did he generate much wealth?
An all them men, dressed up as girls
Running down the street
With lipstick on, and hairy chests
And blisters on their feet.
That sparkle night, with all those women
Feeling really proud
Dressed in pink, past all those houses
Talking really loud.
With all these things that Ashgate do
Like beans filling up the bath
It seems to me that hospices
Are just for having a laugh.
Now listen son, it’s more than that,
It not just cakes and tea.
It’s helping people in troubling times
To have some dignity.
It’s not just men, dressed up in skirts
But you might see that tonight
It’s helping people, in their homes
To carry on the fight.
To carry on, just day to day
And making sure they cope
A hospice sells so many things,
But free of charge is hope.
You only miss things, when they’re gone
I’m sure that’s what they say
I dearly hope, when it comes to Ashgate
We never see the day.
So please dig deep, and cast your vote
Or empty out your purse
And please support them, how you can
The doctor and the nurse.

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