Dog Of The Week


Please Ensure That Jazz Doesn’t Have to Sing the Blues….

The dog of the week this week is Jazz. There could scarcely be a more fitting name for our 10-year-old Staffy-X, for much like the music genre is defined by its individuality and soul, there are few pooches quite like our brilliantly natured and utterly gorgeous old lady and, like the great singers and musicians of old, each greying hair on her head has a story to tell. But, though she might not be able do so through rhythm, her eyes speak clearly of a life long-lived.

In spite of the occasionally chaotic environment in which she finds herself, 1-jazz2Jazz marks herself out by her placidity and good nature – possessing such a gentle soul and loving spirit. She may no longer be the live wire she once must have been, she more than makes up for it by being just the most wonderful companion. She walks nicely on lead, sits beautifully, she’s just a tremendous girl.

As one of the RSPA in Chesterfield’s older residents, Jazz really needs that new home as quickly as possible. We are in no doubts that she will make the right owner an absolutely phenomenal pet and amazing friend, all she needs is that one chance in which to prove it.

What Does Jazz’s Ideal Home Look Like?
Jazz would be best placed in a home with no other dogs, cats or small animals. She would be great in an all-adult home or one that has children 8 years or older.

If you think you could be Jazz’s perfect match, please ring the RSPA – Chesterfield on 01246 273358.

If you think you may know someone who could be great for Jazz, please share this page. Thank you!