Men-Talk Men’s Mental Health Meetings in Chesterfield

Jay and Frazer recently came onto Julie Drury‘s Drive Time show to talk about Men-Talk.

They said “The hardest part is arriving at our door…there is nothing to fear.
No Appointment Necessary – just turn up
You will be welcomed as a friend.☺️
It’s ❤️FREE❤️ – There is no cost,it’s an investment in You!
No awkward standing up required – yey!
No formal presentations – zzzz!
No boring agenda – yawn!
Stay for as little or as long as you like.

This is Your Meeting
This is Your Group
This is Your Time
These are your friends, all here for the very same reason.
An opportunity:
To Listen,
To be Heard.
To be Understood.
To Talk.
Men-Talk isn’t a cure – it’s Empowerment.
Men-Talk isn’t clinical, it’s simply a group of Men who have struggled, who have hurt, who have lived.
It’s Men who no longer want to be Victims.
It’s Men who want to be Survivors.
It’s Men who want to Talk
It’s also a good laugh too”.

Open, Honest & 100% Confidential – What’s Said in the Room, Stays in the Room – That’s the Number #1 Rule. Their mission is to Raise Awareness, Release Stigma & Empower Lives for Men’s Mental Health. Men-Talk is a brand, new meeting – Just For Men. Check out their Facebook page –

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