Purple Poppy Appeal

Almost everyone is aware of the Poppy at this time of year – a symbol of significance as we remember those that gave their lives during times of conflict. But have you heard of the Purple Poppy? After creating thousands of red poppies for the upcoming display at the town hall, knitters of Chesterfield have once again picked up their needles to now make the Purple poppies and handing them in at Freds Haberdashery by 23rd October.

The meaning of the Purple poppy, is to honour the 9 million war animals that stood at the side of the young soldiers and men in that terrible First World War losing their lives alongside of them . All these saved many lives in the many roles played out in this war proving invaluable  help.

Dogs carrying messages to units, carried medical supplies to the wounded or helped in the search for missing soldiers. Many dogs were wounded in the process but carried on. A key role for dogs on the front was to act as Mercy dogs; staying with a badly injured soldier that they had found, bringing much needed comfort until the soldier’s death.

Horses, donkeys, mules, carried the wounded, ammunition and medical supplies  while pigeons were invaluable in taking messages, and aerial photos, with a camera strapped to their chest bringing back vital information.

Collection organiser, June Lane told Spire Radio ” We must never forget what these animals endured, as they had no voice to speak of their fear,pain and suffering. We must be that voice through these beautiful poppies.”  June will be laying a wreath in remembrance at the Assembly Rooms at 1pm on 3rd November 2018.

Other venues in Chesterfield will be displaying some of the poppies along with stories and photos include;
  • Outward Academy  Newbold.
  • Chesterfield Library.
  • R.S.P.C.A. shop in Chesterfield centre.

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  1. Love your radio station and would like to give such special thanks for your support in this , especially Simon Barnett.
    I also want to thank the wonderful people in Chesterfield and surrounding areas who are picking up their needles for the Purple Poppies for the wonderful war animals of WW1, as I know every poppy made will be made with love.
    God Bless each and every one of you.
    June Lane

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