Listen Again: Poet Annamarie Vickers-Skidmore

Hannah and Annamarie Vickers-Skidmore have write a poem on air for Spire Radio. (Annamarie is a published poet- check her on Facebook!!!)

Ode to Spire….
Spire Radio broadcasting 24 hours a day,
The hub of your community in every single way.
Find us online at,
Your friendly presenters here to entertain all day long.
With fabulous presenters volunteering their time,
Not listening to them everyday is simply a crime.
Our fantastic sponsors keep our station on air,
We are a community station that really does care.
All our shows are different in music and style,
For our listeners and community we go the extra mile.
We thank you for your support and for you we will always be here,
So all that’s left to say is have a Happy New Year!
By Annamarie Vickers-Skidmore and Hannah Owen (age 31)

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